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12 Legit ways to make quick cash on your phone

Chances are, you’re either reading this from your phone or it’s lying next to you right now. Am I right? How long has it been since you’ve had it in your hand? Five minutes? Five seconds? Did you know your favorite digital babysitter can also make you some decent money? It’s true. I’m not talking about taking surveys or playing games.

Here are 12 legitimate ways to make some extra cash from your cellphone right now. You can make a few bucks or a full time income. It’s up to you. Don’t believe me? Keep reading.


1) Play with dogs


Website | iTunes | Google Play

Be a dog walker and earn up to $25/hr with Wag. The application process takes 1- 2 weeks. But once you’re active, you can set your own schedule and pick up a gig at any time. While specifics aren’t available on their site, it looks like you get paid weekly.


Website | iTunes | Google Play

In addition to dog walking, Rover offers petsitting, housesitting, boarding, and even doggy daycare. You keep 80% of your earnings, and you’re paid by PayPal or check. Rover doesn’t specify how long it takes to process your application, but you can begin work as soon as your profile is approved.

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If you want to take it to the next level, you can opt-in to RoverGo. This program gives you extra perks like a free professional photoshoot. All they charge is an extra 5% of your earnings.


2) Sell your stuff


Website | iTunes | Google Play

Sell a wide variety of items on Mercari. Just snap a picture, write a description and set a price. You can ship your item using their prepaid label or pay for shipping yourself. After the buyer confirms they received it, you get paid. You can request a direct deposit at any time after your balance reaches $2.


Website | iTunes | Google Play

This is a global marketplace, and you can sell anything that isn’t on their prohibited list. They keep just 10% of the sale, and you’re paid via PayPal.


Website | iTunes | Google Play

Sell CDs, DVDs, books, tech products, and even LEGO. Unlike other apps, you sell straight to Declutter. Just scan in your items, get a free quote, and ship your stuff to them for free. You get paid as soon as they receive it. No waiting on bids or getting attention from buyers.


Website | iTunes | Google Play

Sell clothes and accessories. The buyer pays for shipping. Poshmark keeps $2.95 of any sale under $15 and 20% of any sale over that amount. Once you request to cash out, you’re paid via direct deposit or by check.

Don’t want to mess with shipping? Use these apps to sell to your local community.


Website | iTunes | Google Play


Website | iTunes | Google Play


WebsiteiTunes | Google Play

**Pro Tip – If you don’t have things of your own to sell, check out garage sales and thrift stores!**


3) Sell Used Books


iTunes | Google Play

Got some old textbooks? Sell them to Booksrun. Just scan the ISBN, get a quote, and ship them out for free. Once received, they pay by PayPal.


iTunes | Google Play

This app searches 30 used book sites to find the one that will pay the most. You complete the sale through the vendor of your choice. Shipping costs and payment methods may vary.

***ProTip: Visit thrift stores, used book stores, and garage sales to find cheap books to resell. You can scan them in the app before buying to see how much you’ll make.***


4) Take care of kids

Interested in being a local nanny or babysitter? Both Care and SitterCity have mobile apps making it easy to create a profile even without a computer.


Website | iTunes | Google Play

On care, you can babysit, offer tutoring, do housework, and even run errands for busy families. They also offer petsitting if you want to expand your reach from one of the other apps. All payments are processed through their proprietary software, HomePay.


Website | iTunes | Google Play

Like care, you can offer a variety of services on Sittercity including senior care and petsitting. They also offer a very similar app called chime that accepts jobs for you automatically and lets you know when you’ve been booked. It make the process a bit faster. Unlike Sittercity, chime is only available on iTunes.


Website | iTunes | Google Play

In addition to babysitting, the Kango app offers a ride-sharing service for children. Think of it like Uber for kids. Sign up and help busy parents get their kids where they need to go. According to the website, you can make $35/hr. Payments are made in the app and transferred to your account via direct deposit.


5) Do some chores


 Website | iTunes | Google Play

Are you a handyman? A housekeeper? A lawn professional? Handy may be a great way to find new clients. According to their site, cleaners make up to $22/hr and handymen make up to $45/hr. You’re paid by direct deposit after the job is completed.


Website | iTunes | Google Play

Takl offers a wider range of services like furniture assembly and even car washing. The client can also list any task they need help with that’s not on the list and you’re paid hourly. Pay isn’t specified, but you get your money three days after the job is complete.

Task Rabbit

Website | iTunes | Google Play

Become a ‘Tasker’ for taskrabbit and complete small tasks for people in your community. They list everything from personal assistant services to furniture assembly. You can set your own rates, and payment is received through the app.

6) Deliver Something


Website | iTunes | Google Play

The DoorDash website says you can make up to $25/hr delivering food from local restaurants. It’s only available in certain cities, so check to make sure yours is on the list.


Website | iTunes | Google Play

Probably the most well-known food delivery app, GrubHub is also a solid choice. According to glassdoor, the typical GrubHub driver salary is $12/hr.


Website | iTunes | Google Play

With UberEats, you can deliver by car, bike, or even scooter. Pay is immediate – up to five times per day! Talk about fast cash! Glassdoor says hourly pay averages $5 – $15/hr.


Website | iTunes | Google Play

Deliver anything – food, groceries, drinks, letters. Only available in certain cities, but you can deliver by car or bike. This courier services has a complicated way to calculate your base pay, but you do get to keep 100% of your tips.


Website | iTunes | Google Play

Shop for and deliver groceries.

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You can make $18 – 25/hr delivering packages for Amazon. It’s only available in certain cities. You have to sign up on their website, and the app doesn’t appear to be publicly available.

7) Help someone move


Website | iTunes | Google Play

Got muscle and a truck? You can make $30/hr or more helping people move with Dolly. Don’t have a truck? No problem. If you own a car and can lift at least 75lbs, you can also apply as ‘hands’ and make $15/hr or more.

8) Find a ‘gig’


There are several apps that provide small mystery shops called ‘gigs’. These can be as simple as taking a picture of an end cap at the grocery store or counting how many boxes of Oreos are on the shelf. They’re extremely fast and although they pay is small, it’s high relative to the amount of energy and time required. To be successful with these apps, it’s better to live near a large city. Rural areas don’t have as many opportunities. These are nice to have for occasional extra cash.

Field Agent

iTunes | Google Play


iTunes | Google Play


iTunes | Google Play

Mobee pays in points (boo). But you can redeem those point for giftcards.


iTunes | Google Play

Of the gig apps, Merchandiser is my favorite. In addition to small gigs, you can also get one day jobs handing out samples at the grocery store. These pay about $80 for a four hour shift. I’ve also seen merchandise display setups and shelf stocking jobs.

9) Sell your cellphone pics

Are you creative? Do you love to take pictures? You can sell your phone pics on these apps. Users can make specific picture requests or you can sell some you’ve already taken.


iTunes | Google Play


iTunes | Google Play

10) Rent out your stuff


Website | iTunes | Google Play

List your car for rent. You can set your own price or allow Turo to set it for you. You will be paid within five days of the rental via direct deposit. Depending on the level of protection insurance you choose, you’ll make 65% – 85% of the trip price.


Website | iTunes | Google Play

Rent out your home (or extra property) as a vacation rental. This can be extremely lucrative if you own real estate near in-demand tourist areas.


Website | iTunes | Google Play

Like VRBO you can rent out a room or your whole house.

Fluid Market

Website | iTunes | Google Play

Have a truck? You can rent it out on Fluid market. Don’t have a truck? It looks like you can also rent out random things people might need like tools.

11) Give someone a lift

We’ve all heard the good, the bad, and the ugly about ride-sharing apps. But the truth is, you can really make some decent emergency cash with them. Even if you don’t have a car, both Uber and Lyft give you the opportunity to rent one through them.


Website |  iTunes | Google Play


Website | iTunes | Google Play

12) Get a job for a day


iTunes | Google Play

This is probably one of the coolest apps on this list, and I’ve saved it for last. Local employers can place jobs for very short-term work – usually just a day. That’s where you come in! With Wonolo, you can find same day jobs on demand. You can apply right from the app. There are no interviews, and you get paid the same day!

It’s not uncommon for businesses to hire Wonoloers full-time if they’re impressed with their work. The type of jobs vary considerably. I’ve seen everything from black-tie catering waitstaff to manual labor.

You can also earn money for referring your friends. If a friend signs up using your referral code, you both get $25 after their first job!


What do you think?

Hopefully this gives you some ideas for the next time you need fast cash. Have you tried any of them yet? Do you know of others I should add to the list?

Until next time. 🙂


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